Jan. 10th, 2008

She lay in his arms, her body arched, throat bare. His arms held her close, one hand buried in her hair, as his mouth suckled at her throat, the scent of her blood filling their nostrils. She sighed in utter ecstasy, her body trembling as he fed, and as she grew cold he withdrew, his tongue snaking over her skin to close the wounds.

She lay still, letting the aftermath wash over her, and slowly rose from his arms. They spoke for several minutes, and then events drew them apart, as Ceri went to hunt. She went to her haven, wandered about, and finally, close to dawn made the decision.

She returned to the Lancaster estate, what little blood she had seriously depleted by her travel. Black crept around her vision, and she wrote a letter, placed it with the flower of Demeter on her bedside, and after showering and cleaning, drifted to sleep.

The moment she fell to torpor the Song in her blood winged its way around the world – in the US, her sire dreamed of a snap as her childe succumbed to the sleep….

Laying in the bed, in a white cotton dress, she lay, trusting he’d protect her till she was ready to face the world.

* * *

That night, the Khovros had been up for some time, and there had been no movement from Ceri’s rooms. Going to her room, he paused, when he saw the still figure in the bed. Beside it, a letter, and a flower in a glass of blood. He read it, and there was no reaction as he stood, looking down at the still figure. Only someone who knew him well, perhaps might have spotted the control in the stillness. Silently he leaves, gives instructions to several of his people, and later that night, lifts the limp body from the bed, and places her somewhere safe, till she is ready.

The End.

Ooc. Thank you to Ben for letting me keep Ceri in his care during my break.



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