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It was late, and Ceri was circling in raven form, watching the park. Nicolette was arriving soon, and her blood stirred at the thought of seeing her lover again. As she swooped down into the park, to a tree, she noticed something in the shadows, and then heard the sound of sirens, and cars. Gaining height, she checked the cars, and her heart went cold.

Little Hawk remembers....
what it was to be protected,
and to protect others...

That car. That was the model they used. Grey, smooth, unobtrusive. And... oh lady. There was another one. Heading for where Nicolette was meant to be. And another. Circling. Like sharks.

She had to warn her. She flew.

Little Hawk remembers....
the nature of hunger

The smell of fresh blood hit her long before she saw her. And him, obviously woozy from blood loss. Not dead, but close to collaspe. Nicolette must be been hungry.

Sweeping back to the shadows, she takes a closer look at her lover feeding, and instead of waiting, she swooped at the pair, separating them. Nicolette, upon seeing the raven circling her, agitated, followed her, leaving the man leaning against the tree. As they fled, the raven leading Nicolette through the trees, they both heard the man pull out a phone and speak quickly.

"APB Centenary Park, rogue hostile... attack, and unknown intervention."

Once out of sight of the man, Ceri shifts to human, and Nicolette throws herself into her arms. Confusion on her face, she begins to ask what happened, what is wrong. Ceri kisses her and hugs her tightly and speaks in a whisper.

Gwynefar remembers...
the nature of desire...
the taste of an elders blood,
and his fangs in her...

"You have to get out of here love, those folk are trouble. I'm sorry I did not warn you what you were coming into. Go to this address, don't let anyone see you, and see Dominic. He's a good one and can help." She hugs her again, and both of them hear the sirens coming, and she glances up and then back to Nicolette. "I am going to buy you some time, so you can get clear of them. For that, I need a favour…" Softly she whispers into Nicolette's ear, who looks shocked an looks at Ceri, and then nods quietly, her eyes filled with … something. Ceri casts softly, and then lowers her mouth to her lover's throat, shaking slightly as memory of the last time she tasted kindred blood flicks through her mind. His blood was older, stronger, but his skin was as cold as frost. Nicolette is warmer. The feeding only takes a moment, both of them dropping to the earth, as their respective addictions struggle for purchase, denied by their will.

The ritual is complete. Ceri now the mirror image of Nicolette takes her coat and removes a flower from her hair. She offers it the stunned Nicolette, who is gaping at what appears to be a perfect replica of herself. Ceri laughs a little, her throaty rasp odd. "We swap clothes now, hurry."

Nicolette eats the flower and a flush of blood comes to her cheeks. She looks human, now, and Ceri's clothes hang wrong on her frame. But she looks different, and that may get her out. She looks at the card with Dominic's address on it, and flees into the dark. At one point she turns, looking back at her lover, herself, who stands there, and whispers across the distance, "I love you". As the human Nici runs, Ceri concentrate for a moment. Her blood becomes poison, her heart harder to stake. Then she turns into the park towards the sirens and lets them catch sight of her, and the hunt is on.

Ceridwyn remembers....
the nature of love....
'Oh Nicolette I am so sorry for leaving you...'

She's runs slow enough for them to follow, leading them away from Nici's path. She cuts down towards the lakes, heading out towards Queens park and just beyond it, Waverley. The cars and those on foot race to intercept, falling for the diversion. She dashes into the trees, switches to Owl, and flies, but does not lose them. Shots wing past her, and take out a wing, dropping her back to the ground, where she shifts again, burning through blood to repair the damage. They are good, and she realises that they are quite able to keep up with her, and she ducks into a corner, slits her palm so she bleeds over her hand and continues running. One of them catches up and goes to stake, but the stake disolves, and Ceri turns, the bloodied hand touching his chest. He collapses, paralysed, and she keeps running. Almost at Waverley Cemetary, near the temple.

She spurs herself on, turning into the gates, under a hail of shots. They are flanking her now, and she dashes out of sight for a moment behind a crypt, and goes to mist, flowing over the ground to the edge of the cliff. And there, they catch her. She goes back to human, dropping Nici's mask to appear as herself. Several of them start, jumping to the conclusion that it was Ceri all along. She smiles as the ruse works. One of them goes to finish the job, but another says quietly "No. Not yet." He looks east, and Ceri knows what he's looking at, she can feel it, the sun coming, as the cemetary lightens for the coming day.

Little Hawk remembers...
The nature of of faith
Honor and family first last and always...

He remains there, on guard, all of them hemming her in, knowing that she will either have to fight her way out, or go off the cliff, and either act would torpor her, leaving her at the sun's mercy. Realising she's almost out of time, she speaks to him.

"All of you are effective. And as the condemned, I would like a final request." The words make a few look surprised, like 'she's not going to fight her way out?'. They clutch their weapons closer, suspecting a trick.

"What is it? Why should we listen to you?"

"Because this will do you a favour too. At this address there is a cell of what we call the Brood." Most of them look confused, but one man, tall and tattooed, starts and looks at her.

"The Brood. We can not help that we are not... human, but they take joy in being savage. They are the monsters you fear, not us." He stands impassive, staring at her. The other gaurds are beginning to fidget. A safety clicks. She must make them see.

"Destroy them. Do it now before they really turn on this city. Do it while you can." She speaks to him and only him. "Those of Belial's Brood make us look nice, and you do not want that scourge on your city.It will finish something I was unable to. Please." She pours herself into her plea, heart and soul and all the charm she has ever had.


All three, Little Hawk, Gwynefar, Ceridwyn....
Maid, Mother, Crone....
Remember the task the Ravenscarred are charged with...
"End it for me.... Please"

He nods, almost imperceptably and backs away. Ceri smiles, and this more than anything before disturbs the men. They charge.

She won't kill. She stuns, she claws, she tries to avoid hurting them by accident but there is just too many and her feet slip on on the limbs of the unconcious ones. She sees the tattooed man backing away, not fighting her. And them someone sets off a flare and all she can see is red fire before her. And behind her as the sun rises fast.

Honour, Loyalty, Love

As the first rays come over the horizon, several things happen at once; and Ceri turns, leaping for the air as she wills the last of her blood to the form of a raven.

Little Hawk remembers Dominion
"I am sorry my mother"
Gwynefar remembers Vittorio
"Goodbye my father"
Ceridwyn remembers Nicolette
"I will love you always"

Climbing into the sky, the rays hit her over the ocean, and then ash sprinkles the water.

Give him a feather... the task charged from a ravenscarred

A raven feather lands softly, drifting into the tattooed arms. He goes to brush it away, hesitates, and then slips it into his pocket.

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