Status of application to reinstate Angelique Beaumont to sanctioned play as a pc of the Sydney Mage Chronicle. Approved.

*me squees*

Its been such a terrible day, hearing this was a good peice of news.
Status of application to reinstate Angelique Beaumont to sanctioned play - Pending High.

EDIT: DST Comment "That character is so Beth it hurts my brain"


The Angel girl stops the bike on the edge of the road as her phone goes off. She looks at it, and smiles, reading the one word and replies.

“Freedom, you ask.”

“For me, freedom is for all creatures to strive towards what is great about themselves and their potential. Its the right to self determination, to make one’s own choices, without fear, or favour, or manipulation, or bias. This is what I do, for people. I remove those parts that manipulate them in a certain direction. The Seers, and their machinations, the magi and their hubris. Enlightenment is not about power. It never was.”

Che kicks the bike into gear, and roars onto the highway.


Che sits on the ridge, looking out over a red sunset. “You can never hide from yourself. Masks are only really for other people, and the price you pay to hide like that, if you are hiding from yourself, then you are caging yourself into being something you are not. In the end, all you can do is face what you are and who you are, and acknowledge that.”

“Strangely, since coming out here, I’ve seen nothing of the seers. Its my guess they know Angel’s around, and maybe what I’m doing, but are content to leave me do my thing now I’m away from the consilium. Of course, the tower could have something to do with that. They’re like roaches disappearing down holes when stuff that big comes to town. But out here is the most honest I can be. Helping folk out, letting fate take me where it wills.”
I stand at the edge of South Head, looking out over the sea. Ships travel too and fro, and birds wheel, and the surf crashes on the base of the cliffs on which my feet rest.

My skin is cool from the wind, but inside is colder than anything. It shivers over me, making my arms break out in goosebumps.

There has been no word. Not a thought in my mind, not a dream of being held, not the memory of a touch. Not a word online.


Where did she go? What did she do? Why?

Now I wonder.... was the feeling real? She got what she wanted and then left? A more subtle version of what Dice did?

What is there to live for.

If I jumped would it hurt? Would it hurt anymore than this?



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