When does the spirit break, that a mind sits in darkness and despairs of the healing of its soul?
A wound so terrible that it seems insurmountable to heal this, to even understand it.
Time is the key they say, that with time and comfort and care all wounds are healed.

Ana wakes from the darkness, shuddering. She crawls out of bed, noticing the time as she heads for the kitchen.
5.09pm. Not sunset, that she knows.
Nightmares again. Even when she cannot remember them, she always knows when she has them. The feeling of cold, of something terrible hidden out of sight inside her mind.

Do you want to taste it? The words whisper in her mind. You are thirsty aren’t you? The words fill her memory, in a voice long despised. For a moment a flicker of memory lights up in her mind, of laying on the floor of a room, a figure crouched over her. Hate rages inside her, she wants to attack her, and at the same time she cannot. They have been feeding you my blood, little betrayer. You will not hate me for long. The words are whispered in an ancient tongue.
Tell me you’re thirsty, childe, and I will give you a drink.
Tell me you’re thirsty, little one.

She leaves the dark room, leaving her captive on the floor.
Days pass, the thirst increases, she grows weaker. The shadow comes back. One night when Ana wakes, the shadow is standing over her.
A finger brushes over her lips, parting them slightly, leaving a smear of liquid on her mouth. She is too weak to fight it, to even say anything. The liquid burns slightly, she can smell it.
Tell me you are hungry and I will feed you.
Ana cries, and tastes the drop on her mouth. I am hungry.
The shadow lowers her hand to Ana’s mouth, laughing a low, gutteral laugh. Then drink my little traitor. And as the blood begins to flow, she smiles. Her victory, her revenge, is only just begun.

This is cam writing, from a long time ago, but not that you could tell, from this. It would just be a horror story.

I"m leaving it unlocked because i think a few might be interested in the inspiration....

At the beginning of the Year of Fire in the old chronicle, Juliet, my Assamite and her schismatic counterparts, were attacked by a group of Loyalists. They included Xavier Greyson, but Juliet was marked by one of the others - there was a member of the Web of Knives there, and she was marked to be torpored only, and delivered to Melusine. I thought about the vengeance that the elder Warrior would have on the child she believed betrayed her, and it crossed my mind the greatest vengeance would be to remove her will utterly... hence the story. Its a lot more likely that Rach would have tortured her till she died - but thats less of an interesting story.

The nature of writing a character and what makes them think has been wandering around my head. Recently I wrote my secondary Mage, Ariel, and have been playing her online, in various scenes. Part of the benefit of doing so is that I get to see how she fits, what her strengths and weaknesses are, what she likes, does not like, what her morality is like.

I did not write this character with a goal in mind beyond wanting to play a pc that is very social, confident, dominant. This got me thinking though.

What make a person like that? What experiences will make them emotionally strong that they have the will not to flinch at having a man who is insane remove a gun from his pocket after saying he has no reason not to kill her. She held her ground, partly becuase she knew it was a test.

I have no clue what makes someone dominant. A top, if you like. Strong enough to stand their ground. Its not something I associate at all. That is not to say I don't think I can do it, because I know I can, I just don't know what would make this character do it.

So... questions I am trying to answer.....
What are her strengths.
What are her weaknesses.
What are her morals.
How does she deal with people she does not like/trust, but is still attracted to, perhaps even because of that? Her vice is linked to this. Sex and violence go hand in hand.
She is small, and this means she can be physically intimidated, but its not easy, because her resolve is good.
How did she get this strong? What events in her past have made her this way.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome.



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