This did not happen. It was just some fun i had to write. but then i got writers block.


An Improbable meeting

The lights went down, and the music began. All around them, the sense of anticipation grows in the crowd, the pace of their hearts quickening in time to the rhythm of the music.

Escher had taken Caterina out for the evening, to this wonderful show – the Cirque du Soleil – Circus of the Sun. Its lips twitched slightly at the irony of the name.

The show began, beautiful bodies moving onto the stage, the lights came up, and the show commenced. Caterina loved it, looking at it with delight at her treat, while the Inquisitrix sat, looking through its hair, and enjoyed the beauty of the spectacle.

Back stage, on the catwalk where she could see everyone, she made the last minute touches to her costume. She had already warmed up, and was moving her limbs around to keep them warm. Finally her cue came, and she took the ropes in her hands, and began to undulate down them, her hands sure, her legs straight, performing a trick she knew like the back of her hand, she had performed it so many times.

Part way down, she sees them, as one leg leaves the rope and grasps the other one, curling around it, taking her across the stage. The young woman sat at the angel’s side, he who was not what he appeared…

He looked up, and his breath was stolen as its eyes went wide. The body coming down the rope was slim, muscular, and the face was beautiful. It felt the heat sweep over it, as it looked up, watched the ripple of muscle as the boy moved down the rope, extended a foot out, wrapped it around a second one, and drew itself into the splits between the two lengths. The creature moved with inordinate grace, flowing like water from one place to another, and then finally to the floor, bending and twisting in amazing configurations and finally coming to a rest, on her chin, facing them, one leg bent over and landing next to her face.

She looks straight at him, and smiles. A very androgynous girl.



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