She woke earlier than normal, and lifted herself away from her sleeping lover, and walked down the stone corridors of her hostess' house. Barefoot, white robes flowing over her, tangled reddish hair down her back, flickers of the dream returned.

.... hungry..... so very hungry..... she recalled trying to will her fangs to grow... to allow her to feed.... her magic slipped away.... could not will her blood to do her bidding, the blood she had left.... so hungry..... week after week....

...The Khovros looked at her with concern.... all of them did... she prayed for her Mother to hear her... had she abandoned her faithful Acolyte?

... then... that scent.... sea, salt, blood, it was intoxicating..... and she saw him.... for the first time in three weeks her fangs grew and she fed... and it was like being consumed in flames.... it burned her.... but when she came back to herself, seh was on her knees, in agony, but her heart knew the truth....

... she, and her faith, had been tested and chosen.... to undertake a quest.... and it would begin in Sydney...

She stood watching the sun go down, the dusk burning her eyes, even in the shadows she stood in, and smiled.

She was the one her Dark Mother had found worthy. She would become the spiritual leader of her faith. Her course was clear.



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