OOC Note: These are the opinion's of my pc, not me as a player. I'm particularly noting on this one because of the views contained therein. Rachel is a neonate, Nos, Dragon. She served in Iraq about two years ago, and its where she was killed. I'm enjoying this pc, and would love more ties and rp time with her. Poke me if you are interested.

Rachel - Death

“Death… Looking back, I think I’ve been chasing death for a long time. I joined the army to help people who could not help themselves, to guard and protect those people who were being marginalized or killed in this war on terror. Be an angel. I looked for angels for a long time, and found them – but in the end, was stalking kindred, stalking death, and I only know that now, about Angelique, the beautiful man with black wings, and the others. Kindred who sought to protect and shepherd the mortal population. I did that with my unit for a while, after this happened. So I guess death never scared me much. It still does not, but then I don’t really consider myself immortal. We can still be killed, no matter what any elder says. This just allows me to continue my quest in another form.

Rachel - War

“We are humanity’s mirror. A darker, more violent version, perhaps, but we are. War is one of the most unhumane things I have ever seen, and always will be. It leaves people changed and scarred. Sometimes it feels like we are simply throwing more people into the maw of some ravening beast.

But in other places they are getting the idea – building positive relations, helping local communities, sowing the ground with the seeds of positive relations so that ongoing nightmares like Isreal/Palestine, or the cold war never happen. That’s the real war on terror – changing the communities that breed terrorists so the ground does not yield up more people who hate.
Rachel is my baby nos. not so long ago i got to thinking about the effect kindred have on mortal society, particularly after a few stories i read.

“In search of angels?”

October 2004

Rachel looked at the article, reading it, and rereading it till its details were burnt into her mind. The car was wrecked, and all the other occupants killed, except the boy. He had been rescued, by what witnesses claimed was an angel. She would not have thought any more about it, but her cousin, a nurse at the hospital had said that the boy was dying, lost the will to live, till that night….. She recalled her cousin’s fervor, at finding faith, that angels were out there looking over us, and this proved it.

Putting the article down, she looked at the TV screen in front of her. The fuzzy image was of a man standing over the child’s bed, very blurry, and then the shadow of great black wings spreading over the room, and then….. he was just gone.

It was strange.

Logging into her network, she set the search parameters for similar occurrences throughout the US and went to bed. May as well have some fun while she was holidaying.



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