Mar. 1st, 2008

I went hunting for an Argentine Tango peice that summed up a vision for a particular relationship I'd like to see develop ic. Then I found this, and for a fleeting moment imagined the three men who have had, or will have, an impact on Ceri's life in some way or another. So... The Inquisitrix, the Khovros, and The Hermes.

Watch this, its white hot and damn I love it.....
Hmm. I need a mage icon. I actually don't have one. Interesting. - EDIT. Picture now.

However, that was not the thought my title refers to. I have finally come to realise several things, which all result in me being quite frustrated.

The first and biggest is that Alex is broken. I seriously doubt I can play her as written, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that its remarkably hard to break into the Arrow game. I'm finding it next to impossible. And given this character has been Arrow for over 20 years, more like 30, for her to not know people or have plenty of ties is unheard of. Granted she spent 15 years contemplating her navel and most awakened society did not see or hear from her, but still, getting ties out there to reflect the character is verging on impossible.

I actually don't think I can play her like this. She's broken. Its been commented that Alex is more Arrow than Thyrsus. In a way thats true. I'm meeting with the ST next week to talk over how to change her to make her not broken. Its wierd, I have not been able to play anything in mage since retiring Angel. Its like she was the thing that worked. Part of it is that i feel no emotional resonance with Alex, which is incredibly rare when I write something. I don't know why that is.

I need to know, becuase the way Alex is now, and the way i relate to her, I'll just give up and retire her and go back to square one.




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