Mar. 9th, 2008

ooc. Standard disclaimer - use this, you loose it.

Red/black eyes look into each other’s in the dark….

Hai, how you doin'?

Ceri stirs faintly.

'I miss you'

'I love you and miss you, too. I hope you're safe.'

'He’s ... not feeding me the way I... need it'

'Come back to me, then, and we'll show him. I love you, Lady, and I want to show you what Kincaid has taught me.'

'I can't .... stuck here.....'

'Have faith, have faith, my darling love, my Hierophant. We'll get you out. We'll bring you home'

Deep in the dark, Ceri lays on the stone, and wonders what happened to her faith, why it changed so much…. As she lay there, dreams flickering around her mind, she wondered at the ties between her faith and her family, and her actions and feelings for Khovros.

As she lay there, deep in the torpor, a kindred kneels beside her, pinning her to the stone, as he drips a single trait of vitae into her mouth….

And she is ripped from the dark embrace of her sleep, back into the body that had lain dead and still for months…..

And so hell begins again.
"Why is the Khovros ordering us around? Standing before her? Shes' our covenant mate and we need to get her out of here."

"NO. She needs to remain."

Ceri stood, her mind scattered in peices at the events. Emotions flooded her like the blood she'd taken from Ambia, and she recalled Khovros stepping between her and Red, placing himself as her guard. An open declaration.

If her heart had beat it would have stopped at that moment. Becuase it made it all perfectly clear.

You are his property. You sacrificed everything to him in the simple act of baring your throat. He tamed and collared a Gangrel without blood, without sex, without.... Oh what have i done....

The realisation of her heart was like dying. Later, Aaron summoned her, and talked with her. He was worried. He'd spotted enough, and warned her about the Invictus elder, and she bent her head and said it was too late.

It was. Becuase even without a blood bond she gambled her heart and finally understood how broken she was, after Vitorrio, and the Khovros.

Red talked to her, and in that talk Ceri saw a glimpse of a direction, a way out. To take the darkness of the underworld, and learn from it, a place in her faith she'd not trod for a long time.



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