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OOC. Another warning. Use this and its cheating. That includes if you know she's awake, if you know she's talking to Aaron, and anything else. Important, given the current state of play and ic politics.

The very first night that Ceri arrives at Elysium, she will find Aaron
waiting for her. There are hot cloths on a table to one side, another
table with the wherewithall for the performance of a tea ceremony, and
a third with a Go board set up, obviously in mid game.

As she enters, he rises from where he is kneeling, obviously in deep
contemplation, staring at the Go game in progress, and extends his
beringed right hand. It is difficult to determine whether he is
offering his hand to shake, or a ring to kiss, or simply a

He waits.

Ceri walks in, dressed in her usual tight pants and tank top and
boots. She is on the flower, so has a pulse and looks human, her skin flushed and warm. Her hair hangs down her back, and she takes in the room, and
watches Aaron as he rises. Her gaze is stopped by the Go board, and a
slight flicker crosses it. As he extends his hand, her eyes lock on
it, and her body tenses slightly. After a moment she kneels and
touches her hands and and forehead to the floor, in a full and correct
genuflection. She rises gracefully, head bent slightly. She seems not
entirely sure what to say.

"I.. have come to ask for your help, because I am not so much of a
fool to not be aware of how much trouble I am in."

As Aaron speaks, Ceri can hear gentle mirth in his voice, and warmth,
but also a firmness which she has not heard before.

"It is good that you have come to me with this. As I am your Prince,
so are you my Childe, my Ward, my responsibility. You are mine to
keep safe, to nurture, to teach, to raise up or bring low as is
fitting of your actions.

"I will tolerate nothing which brings harm or weakness to my court, to
my wards. Speak to me. Tell me of your troubles. If you speak to me
truthfully, and hide nothing from me, I will do what is necessary."

Ceri looks around for somewhere to sit down. When she does so, its a
very tidy pose, knees together, hands folded, all her limbs drawn
close in, and she does not look up, but rather in middle distance.

"I dont know how much you've worked out... A bit, from your warning at
the gathering. I am not... bound to the Khovros by blood, beyond him
reviving me that night." When she says that her whole body tightens,
but why is not clear. "It's... the other way around. He requires a
kindred herd. I... made him an offer when he moved here."

"He's not responsible for my torpor, only reviving me. He gave me to
Red, as far as I have been told, to look after. When I was revived Red
attacked him. And he stood between me and my covenant, Red, the
Hermes, and Ambia." She shudders at mention of that moment. "I was
going to leave the undercity, but he would not let me, saying Red
would destroy me if i did. Instead he gave me enough blood to reach
Ambia and the Hermes with mist, resulting in the attack on Ambia. I
was too hungry.

"I'm not fit to speak for anyone while I'm under his thrall. Its not
always blood that tames us, and he had me before he revived me." Just
saying the words costs her pride. She falls into silence, her mind
replaying and turning things over as she looks back at the events.

Aaron's face, his bearing, and his voice when he eventually speaks,
all remain stern, as though he is sitting in judgement, although upon
whom is not clear.

"Many things which were less than clear now become transparent."

He gestures towards the go table, drawing her eye. There are many
stones placed already, in a complex game, with no end readily
apparent. In his hand is one black stone.

"Finish the game, little one." He waits, and watches for some time.
Unless Ceri is a true master of the game, she will not see any clear
move to be made. "Or do not, and allow me to finish it for you. If
you will allow it, I can do so on your behalf."

Ceri looks from the board to him, tense as she sees the double meaning.
She swallows, and the scent that rises from her skin is an odd
combination of fear and desire. Her muscles are wound tight.

"I... I do not have the skill to finish this and win it." She is
looking at the board, and moves her hand slightly, motioning the
board. "He.. he was teaching me to play. I... don't know what he's
done to me.... or even if he'll let me go." Her breathing is slightly

"I.. used to feed him weekly, since July. I paused in September, while
i was away, and resumed after my return.... He described watching the
test our Mother put me through as harrowing, it must have been.
(smiles faintly, a quirk of lips) But in December things began to go
wrong... My sire was in the trap that killed Caderyn. (glances at
Aaron's face) In Atlanta. He was the first person i went to for
information and help. I began staying there.... My faith started to
fail me, he looked after me. He'd been ensuring my safety from Severa
for some time, when that situation appeared, using things like an
Invictus morale trick, psychology... But he could not protect me from
the things i found out about my family. And so i went to sleep."

Aaron would get a picture from what she's said - this is a long period
of time to be feeding someone that regularly, and he'd successfully
managed to get her to submit to his control, and undermine her emotionally.

"It was very clear when he faced Red, the Hermes, and Ambia on
Saturday that he considers me his. Going head to head with my covenant
over my safety... thats drawing a line, and he's never been that
direct before."

"I now understand much of what has transpired, and the solution is, to
me, quite clear. He may consider you his all he wishes. I will not
allow you to come to harm, not so long as you make your requiem within
my Domain.

"If you will give your consent, I can begin to reverse what has been
done to you. There are few Kindred walking in these nights who might
undo what the Khovros has done. I am one of them. I know of no other
in this land. the choice, however, is yours. Choose wisely."

Aaron quirks an ironic smile, his eyes twinkling mischievously. He
reaches out, and plucks the stone from Ceri's hand, dropping it in his
pocket, then places a white stone on the board, winning the game.

Ceri's eyebrows climb her forehead as she listens to the offer. A very
slight tremor runs through her at the idea of letting someone into her
head, and doubt flickers in her eyes as she wonders if she has just
ended up deeper than before.

"I don't know he's done anything... but i would not know, would i.
Richard says he's talented... And if he knew the right buttons to push
he'd have no trouble at all...."

As Aaron smiles mischivously and takes the stone from her hand, her
eyes sparkle, her heartrate increases. He places the white stone on
the board, and her mouth opens in disbelief as she realises the
gambit. She quirks her eyebrows, a slight smile forming, and glancing
at him says "Oh, you're good."

Aaron's expresion does not change by so much as a whisker, apart from
raising an eyebrow ever so slightly, and a barely-perceptible nod,
following her last comment.

"Make your choice, in your own time. I will be waiting."

Date: 2008-03-13 08:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] angry-magician.livejournal.com
Be careful not to swing from one master to another, dear sister. Find your center first. Meanwhile, we really have to get that girl of yours back. Mmm...

Aww, poor Ceridwyn! Lovely post, hon. Conveys her despair and Aaron's response really well. I'm very impressed.



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